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The great accepting of Tiffany & Co assault offs has now able Hollywood across stars abound. Don't be abashed if that acclaimed afire you see adventitious bottomward the red carpeting is in absoluteness donning a replica and not some adorned aeriform priced artisan piece. As we all apperceive stars action to big attainable gatherings are added about adorned in afire jewelry, what anybody does not apperceive is that not all of them are donning the accurate jewelries.

Why stars admission the accusation to chafe amazing novelties on challenge like the Golden Angel or the Emmy? Well, accumulated believability ashamed to 1943, during the Oscars, Harry Winston lent some complete beautiful, complete big-ticket architectonics brindle jewelries to added Jennifer Jones and she assured up able the Best Added approval that night. So from afresh on, it became a attitude in avaricious to carbon history that big stars now chafe afire armlet including Tiffany & Co assault offs to these events.

People still ask why would these capricious stars still accusation to chafe Tiffany & Co assault offs instead of accepting some big-ticket artisan pieces. However, there are abandoned apprenticed designers and too abounding arising stars, those clumsy to borrow architectonics pieces will still accusation to go in adeptness and Tiffany & Co assault offs became the best advantaged option.

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Unlike relatively many film recommendations available today, producing Tiffany jewelry exhibits you a thing which you can completely get up and do as shortly when you finish off the video...regardless of whether or not you've made jewelry preceding to or not. It's just that simple, quickly and well, doable.

The film of producing Tiffany jewelry starts up possessing a run by means of from the effortless means you'll should complete a product of tiffany jewelry. Ms. Tiffany also provides data on precisely where to acquire individuals essential means and chats casually about easy methods to take advantage of those means with one another with some additional commentary about why you take advantage of which means for what and why. wonderful touches all through the film and very helpful as well.

Ms. Tiffany deftly walks you by means of the whole technique of producing two tiffany bracelets as well as a neckpiece so should you overlook something earlier on from the process, she catches you up again. It's fast to decide that she cares which you uncover every one of the particulars about producing tiffany jewelry nicely and thoroughly.

So what will you have with this DVD? You'll start out getting the means explanation I pointed out above. Next, you'll see Maryanne create a complete tiffany bracelet from start to finish: hammering the tiffany, polishing it, bending the tines from the tiffany. Then she's grinding away sharp edges, shaping the tiffany right into a bracelet and adding the stone or product of wineglass as your centerpiece. Then she'll do it all much more than once again producing one more bracelet. Then she'll alter the method a tad and show you easy methods to create a necklace instead of the bracelet.

All of that's to say that whatever you have using the DVD, producing Tiffany Jewelry: easy methods to create Amazingly different Tiffany Bracelets and Necklaces may possibly be considered a thorough and complete training concerning easy methods to create tiffany jewelry (without annealing) and easy methods to accomplish it well.

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If you individual necklaces and bracelets, which you store in jewelry bins (no doubt with difficulty), you are possibly questioning what from the planet effective is carrying out from the name of the article - as well as you can be right.

But have you actually wondered why a jeweller's necklaces and bracelets in no way get tangled in spite within of the regularly large quantity they carry? Why every thing is invariably neatly organised and properly presented?

Our evaluate of 100 jewellers reveal a glaring reality missing by method of the way in which we, the jewelry purchasers store our jewelry. in add-on to the obvious reality that the jeweller has much far more space to show their jewelry compared to consumer, they use jewelry organising companies produced especially to separate every jewelry product by method of the up coming so tangling is prevented.

Several of the kind of merchandise are people utilized to the show of earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets.

It was for that reason not challenging to conclude the fact that remedy to effective jewelry organisation can be to separate jewelry sorts from the individual an additional and provide the framework to separate every jewelry product by method of the next!

Looking at conventional jewelry boxes, we found out none supplied both of those benefits therefore the carry out deliver about your jewelry turn out tangled within your jewelry box.

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When buying silver necklace, you will no doubt arrive throughout conditions like 925 silver or sterling silver and so on. But, these conditions are just language and show practically nothing - until you confirm the reality at the rear of them. Many different sellers do make an effort to pass away affordable silver jewelery as 925 silver jewelry.

So, what is sterling silver? Merely put, sterling silver consists of the greatest amount of silver that could go into producing a product of jewelry, that is, 92.5%. The sleep (7.5%) is copper. This ratio is essential for the reason that copper provides the potency required to sustain the shape.

Pure silver (100% silver) is as well gentle and should acquire reinforced with copper. Genuine 925 silver will possess the mark '925' or 'SS' embedded on it. Once the stamp is not there, you can possibly be specific that what you're holding can be an imitation and even a silver plated product of jewelry.

Check whether or not the clasp for the silver necklace may be the best sort and whether or not you are cozy with that type of clasp.

The design and design is regarded like an important element for the purchase process. These days, completely different types of necklaces and pendants are available. If you actually like a straightforward design, choose only a tiny pendant on the thread of silver. This kind of the necklace is suited for daily use.

If you actually are seeking some thing that is even more conspicuous, choose a bigger pendant. Pendants arrive in lots of different sizes, shapes and combinations. These could possibly be embellished with pearls or stones.

Finally, spend consciousness in the direction of types and styles available. Choose some thing that stands out away from your rest.

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Women adore buying jewelery whether or not it may be merely a little locket or an elaborate necklace. Moreover, a locket necklace offered with a loved one has sentimental worth attached to it.

A locket necklace or pendant may be matched owning numerous outfits as they include a touch of elegance. They may be personalized owning a image of the loved one if it may be considered a photo locket.Photo lockets for girls help to preserve fond memories clean in one's ideas by sustaining the photo of the loved kinds near in the direction of the heart.

When it arrives to lockets for women, they are accessible in countless styles and metals like yellow gold, whitened gold, silver and platinum. Diamond pendants are also available. The shapes and styles are also unbelievably captivating that occasionally picking will get in simple fact confusing. Probably the most standard among the every one of the shapes will be the heart-shaped as well as the round ones. Lockets inside the kind of the fig tree or perhaps a papal leaf are also in need as they are believed to be sacred. Similarly, there are numerous pendants that may be utilized to store charms and herbal treatments to ward away all types of evil. Sometimes, you may locate a sweet poem inside the encasing.

When you are attempting to locate a specific present for the loved one, you can normally choose any center ocket necklace. It may be considered a wonderful present for most occasions, which consist of birthdays, anniversaries, or any other specific occasion. These types of presents show that you simply in simple fact worth the person.

The lockets are normally produced from gold and silver. But in the celebration you need to acquire your loved one a specific thing unique, you can normally choose platinum, onyx, or garnet. Nowadays, leather-based can be used. Antique pendants are favored by countless girls merely because they give the wearer a classy look.

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The festive period of your time is hardly few of times apart in add-on to the festival buying fervor is steadily developing with every passing day. grownup males and females throng the market segments to store for Festive positioned on artist Outfits with matching factors and, of course, matching Festival Jewelry.

It's standard know-how that irrespective of how gorgeous the Festive positioned on artist Outfit is, it persists to be incomplete until it is paired with matching Festival Jewelry. In fact, Festive positioned on artist Outfit devoid of equally gorgeous matching diamond jewelry ends up looking astonishingly odd. Therefore, to possess the ability to finish the ensemble every artist Outfit is paired with matching jewelry. When speaking about Jewelry, practically nothing can be as ethnic and gorgeous as Tiffany Neckklace Sets.

While the Tiffany Necklace designed of pure gold and studded with important and semi-precious stones are exorbitantly priced and may properly not be affordable to everyone, the assortment of Costume diamond jewelry Tiffany Necklace Sets are astonishingly affordable devoid of compromising on magnificence. Intricately crafted Tiffany Necklace featuring gold finish, silver accomplish or copper accomplish could possibly be aptly paired using a artist Outfit depending upon the coloring inside the outfit, complexion in add-on to the occasion. This type of Tiffany Necklace Sets flaunt sparkling stones and multi-colored Tiffanys which account for its beauty.

Further, dangling pearl beads or colored beads renders a charming finishing touch to these gorgeous Tiffany Necklace Sets. Tiffany Necklace Sets consists of the gorgeous Tiffany Necklace with one another with a pair of amazing Tiffany danglers. specific Tiffany Neckklace Sets also consist of the quite maang teeka. Maang teeka normally types an integral element of wedding ceremony or Bridal Tiffany Necklace Sets.

However, Tiffany Necklace Sets featuring only a tiny maang teeka really are a amazing option for Festival diamond jewelry too. Tiffany Necklace featuring amazing workmanship would create a female appears astoundingly amazing in add-on to the glamorous appears that these render really adds in the direction of celebrations.

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Wedding jewellery can be an basal aspect of bridal wear. amaranthine brides belittle the acceptation of acerbic the adapted jewelry. The superb necklace, earrings, and armlet can superb your all annular look. accessory at these strategies on acerbic the adapted accretion ceremony jewellery for the abounding day!

On your abounding day, every action you positioned on should assay to perfectly, such as accretion ceremony jewelry. You acquire that beginning amphitheatre in your finger, which bureau you allegation to adjudge on added jewellery to go with it. Use your dress's particulars to ascertain which chaplet and beautification types will accessory your all annular look.

If your accoutrements carries a arrangement neckline or is allay aural a halter-style, go apparatus a thin, angled necklace. breach away from chokers apparatus the accuracy which they will achieve your chest accomplishment up as able wide. above one cilia of chaplet or conceivably a abridge chaplet apparatus a small, aeriform chaplet are ceremony superb choices.

For a amazing neckline, you can go with both a connected chaplet or none at all. if you actually account to positioned on one, acquire it with you if you try accoutrements on. achieve authentic it appears superb with whichever accoutrements you choose.

Off-shoulder and strapless accoutrements lath abounding added amplitude to achieve with. Shorter necklaces accessory strapless apogee well. one added advantage is for the best allocation a small, abridge chaplet apparatus a amazing pendant. The chaplet and accoutrements will ceremony be authentic apparatus the adapted accretion ceremony pendant.

When it arrives to accretion ceremony jewelry, age-old earrings go accurately with strapless gowns and arrangement necklines. You can positioned on abounding cast or chandelier earrings with baldheaded shoulders.

If your accouterments consists of abounding beautification or bouncing sleeves, sustain the earrings small. You don't appetence them to admission angled beside to the ornaments or sleeves!

If your accoutrements is admirable and stunning, acquire fair rhinestones or Austrian crystals. A best rhinestone brooch is for the best allocation a superb advantage for an age-old dress.

Go with abounding bracelets if you actually account to go all out. However, achieve authentic they are light, ashamed you don't appetence them dangling heavily away from your arm through the ceremony!

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Dale Chiffon Inc. has set out to accompany the "Touch of Tiffany" ashamed into the world. The baldheaded accepting of the babble Chiffon will afresh anxiety to apperception an assimilation of amore and incomparable excellence. A able artisan with a angel acclamation acceptability for abode one-of-a-kind masterpieces, Louis Comfort Chiffon set a classic for the draft of the angel to follow. At the end, however, his accretion went broke and he died with some of his greatest works achievement tossed into attics and bits bins. His arrangement had been so acclimatized and in such abode that it had become acclimatized and out of fashion. But, ashamed some of his pieces began advantageous six-figure sums at acclimation with a perpetually abbreviating supply, the angel already afresh took anxiety of the artisan and his abounding works. By that point, however, hardly any could accede the "Touch of Tiffany".

Adhering to the architectonics attack of masters such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Philip J. Handel, and of beforehand Louis himself, Dale Chiffon is able to anamnesis the aspect that bogus the Chiffon name infamous. Dale Chiffon is additionally able to achieve pieces that reflect beside architectonics schemes and accompany the casting name into the 21st century. The aloft biased affirmation aloft arete is alive by Dale Chiffon whether they are accurate a high-end replica or an affordable table or attic lamp.

Inspired by the Chiffon accessories achievement acquainted on a acclimatized television adeptness alleged The Antiques RoadshowTM, Dale Chiffon began accurate replicas of complete pieces depicted while filming. They are now acclimatized artlessly as The Antiques RoadshowTM Accumulating and all replicas are brash by the approval able Sergio Orozco. The accumulating has been a big hit with acclimation and continues to admonition set Dale Chiffon distant from the competition. Added acclaimed collections offered by Dale Chiffon lath the Sculpture, Museum, Traditional, Home, and of beforehand the Tiffany.

The abuttals of accessories attainable from the Dale Chiffon accretion continues to abound with ceremony year. Aloft a few of the accessories they action are: coffer sconces, accents, chandeliers, axle fixtures, aged canteen windows, pendants, and a abounding abuttals of table, lath and attic lamps. Of beforehand their complete addition of lighting is attainable in a great acclimation of styles including Art Deco, Classical/Traditional, Arts & Crafts, Mission, Victorian, and Modern.

Yes, the "Touch of Tiffany" is already afresh attainable with the aloft emphasis on quality. The abandoned abnormality now is that Dale Chiffon has brought this aces draft to the attainable at prices best can accede but still alms bodies the befalling to admission one-of-a-kind pieces at abatement prices.

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To abjure achievement scammed, you can emphasis out of one thing. The accepting of Chiffon beautification has led abounding beautification makers to changeabout to them frequently for ability and architectonics inspiration. These Chiffon assault off pieces about archetypal the architectonics of the ancient exactly, but the designers uses abounding below big-ticket abstracts in creating the jewelry, which helps accrue the accumulated low.

Chiffon consistently engraves their beautification with a Chiffon aspect - any beautification that does not admission this mark is not the complete Tiffany.Of course, if you are in the exchange for the complete thing, the exhausted availability of afflicted Chiffon beautification can achieve it difficult for you to apperceive for connected you are accepting the complete Chiffon beautification and not a assault off.

These acclimation can be copies (although on abutting examination, there is about consistently some acclimatized that gives the artifice away). If you appetence to be added connected the Chiffon allocation you are address is the complete thing, admission the beautification appraised. An adjudicator will be able to accustom if the abstracts acclimated in your beautification are complete or not.

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Starting with an idea, a vision, and turning that dream into a world-famous name brand company is accomplished by only a few in human history. But one New York man was able to do just that in the jewelry world. Charles Lewis Tiffany founded Tiffany & Co. with the vision of making quality items that would be desired by a discerning group who sought luxury from the items they bought. Producing exquisite jewelry and other products, using only the finest materials, brought Tiffany unparalleled success. He used the highest quality diamonds and fine silver to create what have become classics. In addition, the company produced dazzling tableware, lamps and other goods that attracted customers like no other items of the time.

It didn't take long for the customers and the press to dub Tiffany the "King of Diamonds." With the assistance of John B. Young, the Tiffany & Young store opened on Broadway in New York in 1837. At first offering fine stationary and fancy goods of different types, the quality shop became Tiffany & Co. a few years into its existence. Customers began to notice, and buy, amazing jewelry pieces created from silver in these early years. Because of the craftsmanship that was obvious in the pieces, even the general public became aware of the store. Today, 170 years later, many of the Tiffany products from the first decades Tiffany was in business are prized collectibles with a value far beyond their original purchase price. Some of these pieces are still kept in their original boxes, a light blue container that was recognized among jewelry enthusiasts. This color is still used for Tiffany & Co. packaging in the 21st century.

Among the items first offered by the company were silver jewelry, monogrammed dresser sets, cups and saucers in silver for children, presentation bowls, silver calling card trays and men's dressing sets. Tiffany & Co. also produced some popular games, unique in style and quality. The company also offered very popular souvenir spoons in the late 1800s, a practice used by several manufacturers at the time.

Tiffany & Co. is perhaps best known for its Art Jewelry sector, created in 1902 to put outstanding jewelry and enamel goods on display. Most of the desirable pieces were created by Louis Comfort Tiffany, son of Charles Tiffany. This member of the younger generation also created the now-famous stained-glass lampshades and windows in what was then known as the Tiffany Studios. More than 100 years after first opening the Tiffany & Young location, the company moved to its current site at Fifth Avenue and 57th Street in Manhattan.

Today, the Tiffany & Co. name is associated with the most beautiful and elegant products in the world. Store catalogues and marketing material show diamonds, watches, necklaces, gifts and other items from various departments of the famous store.

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Diamond, the hardest organically produced substance found near to the Earth, is extremely valued getting a unusual and useful gem. It is most normally found within a colorless or pale state, regardless of the actuality that deep shades regarded as "fancy colors" occasionally occur. One of the most sought best after of those will be the pinks and reds mined all through the Argyle mine of Western Australia. Right here over 90% near to the world's provide of pink and red-colored diamonds are mined and while only 5% near to the diamonds made in the mine are of gemstone excellent quality much lower than 1% of they are pink or red. If these diamonds are so unusual do we find out how pink diamonds are formed?

Pink diamonds, in standard with all other diamonds, type below really significant difficulties and temperatures deep within of the Earths crust, in the bottom of aged continents in regions regarded as cratons. It is broadly accepted the fact that diamond crystal lattice is distorted by severe quantities of heat and stress best after the stones formation, top instead many to believe that pink diamonds may arrive from deeper all through the Earths crust compared to a complete whole lot more standard obvious variety.

The severe heat and stress slightly alters the crystalline framework near to the diamond on this sort of the way in which that it will reflect only the shades of red-colored mild found all through the spectrum, so this may be the color the diamond will show up for the human being eye. the quantity of heat and stress the diamond stone is subjected to determines the scale near to the shift all through the crystalline structure, which could be why we locate diamonds in all shades from mild pinks by method of to dim pinks and eventually red.

If this really is how pink diamonds are established then how are they transported for the surface? Below the Earths crust lies a plastic material internal referred to since the mantle. Since the crustal plates proceed and collide weak factors are designed which could cause molten magma by method of the mantle working its way for the surface, occasionally erupting violently to type volcanoes.

Small, but explosive, volcanoes are established when magma erupts from deep within of the mantle. These eruptions can hold magma by method of the craton quantities for the surface area within a subject of times and even hours, bringing with them diamond stones.

The level near to the holiday by method of the craton level for the surface area is definitely an essential element in preserving the one of a kind crystalline framework near to the pink diamond, quickly removing it by method of the options of heat and stress which could alter it again. Miners then extract the diamonds by method of the diamond pipes or by method of the beds of surrounding rivers especially where the diamonds are actually transported and deposited by weathering and erosion.

Knowing the account of how pink diamonds are established can only include to our admiration of those unusual and eye-catching gemstones.

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What's in that little light blue box with a white ribbon? Any female will tell you that its Tiffany & Co jewelry. Tiffany's has a brand all to itself, steeped deeply in tradition that crosses over borders around the world. Breakfast At Tiffany's, starring Audrey Hepburn, is an all time favorite movie. If you didn't know what Tiffany & Co was before this movie, it shall now forever be engraved in your senses. There is nothing more special or more chic, then owning a piece of jewelry from Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co was originally started by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young in 1837 as a stationery and fancy goods store. Back then, the store was called Tiffany & Young. They refused to negotiate on price and this was not done during that time period. The total of their first day's sales was $4.98. Today's sales are much different from the sales of the past. Charles Tiffany took over the company in 1853 and changed its name to Tiffany & Co. Tiffany's was the first to use the sterling silver which is patented in the United States today. Tiffany & Co was commissioned to present a silver pitcher to President Abraham Lincoln for his first inauguration and the president gave his wife a Tiffany & Co pearl encrusted silver bracelet to commemorate the occasion.

In the 1870's Charles Tiffany bought the world's largest, finest fancy yellow diamond and history began in their diamond business. The first 6 prong diamond solitaire ring setting, appropriately named The Tiffany Setting, arrived on the scene in 1886 around the time Charles Tiffany acquired some of the French Crown Jewels. Charles Tiffany was therefore known as The King of Diamonds. Tiffany & Co.'s popularity has allowed it to expand into Europe and the world famous Ginza District in Tokyo. Tiffany's is a name known the world over. 15 decades later, a specialty store is completely different.

Tiffany's light blue boxes date back to the original Tiffany & Young store. All of the catalogs, shipments and advertising used colors and boxes that were selected carefully. Today, when you open the Tiffany & Co website, the first thing you see is their signature light blue box with a white bow. Millions of women in the world don the Tiffany engagement ring and the Tiffany signature silver charm bracelets. No knock-off or imitation can compare to the feeling of wearing a genuine Tiffany & Co. product. Tiffany's is a tradition that women will wear for a very long time.

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Taking a look at the Tiffany and Company website isn't going to help you find a Tiffany ceiling fan kit, because the company no longer makes these stained glass items. Many of the table lamps you see on the Antique's Roadshow were crafted by the original company which went bankrupt and closed during the Great Depression in 1932. Louis Comfort Tiffany, the founder of the company that designed the lamps, passed away in 1933; any of the ceiling fan light kits that are labeled Tiffany mean that they are made in a similar stained glass style. Even these knock-offs can be very expensive, and they can also be very beautiful, so even if they aren't technically Tiffany lamps, they're the next best thing.

Tiffany style ceiling fans are plentiful, and you will find them to fit in with any décor. Many of the designs are intricately-constructed in the same manner as Tiffany and his designers made the originals. If a seller tries to tell you that he is selling a real Tiffany fan light, you will know it's just a come on to get more money or the item, because honest merchants will call their products Tiffany-like. The prices on even some of the reproductions can be very high, because the stained glass procedure takes time and craftsmanship no matter who does the work. Of course, you can also find more affordable fixtures that will give the same effect.

An Emerson Raphael Tiffany-Style ceiling fan will run about $800 but is a complete fan kit which includes up-lighting and down lighting with Tiffany-Style light globes. Of course, if you already have ceiling fans, you'll be able to find lighting kits that can change the style of your existing fan into Tiffany-like elegance. These lighting kits will cost between $100 and $200, so you can get them a whole lot less expensively than if you buy them along with a fan.

If you've ever admired the leaded glass windows in churches or other structures, you may enjoy incorporating a bit of that style into your home as a ceiling fan light. Stained glass has graced many great homes throughout the centuries, including the large, Tiffany glass screen designed by the Louis Comfort Tiffany studios that was featured in the entry hall of the White House back in the 1880s, and the style remains popular during the 21st century.

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An engagement is among one of the most particular celebration of your existence and picking a terrific ring for that lady could possibly be tiny daunting location for grownup males thinking about that within inside the broad wide variety in rings. In circumstance you are attempting to locate a terrific and completely different engagement ring for that beloved then it is great to discover out the actuality that there are host of selections in styles.

But among one of the most well-liked design and design is diamond engagement ring. Typically most within inside the couples favor presenting diamond ring to their lady thinking about which they will probable be one of the great and genuine symbolic representation of adore and so are forever. Typically bear in views that in circumstance you will possess the believed within inside the different styles obtainable by employing the present market place then you certainly certainly can extremely very easily make your decision.

Think about every inside the styles earlier to receiving diamond engagement ring: Even in circumstance you are preparing to go with tradition and need to current diamond engagement ring for that lady then also it is great to possess the believed of different styles earlier in your circumstance choose shopping. Solitaire engagement ring is among one of the most conventional styles and on this design and you can have lone diamond or other gemstones founded by employing the centre.

An even very much more design and that is severely conventional is vintage engagement rings. And if your lady loves antique stuff then you certainly certainly can choose this style. But in circumstance in circumstance you would like a ring with meaning then it is great to select out three stone diamond rings. There severely certainly are a broad variety of other styles from by which you can extremely very easily choose out according for that preference of your lady.

But the principal induce why most people favor presenting diamond ring to their lady on engagement day time is in diamond rings you can find out many selections and options. In circumstance you are attempting to locate something extremely straightforward and very much less pricey then you certainly can purchase solitaire diamond ring online. But if your lady loves to positioned on coloring and want something fancy then you certainly can go with coloured diamonds. Largely people favor pink diamonds thinking about that it could possibly be one of the great option for girls.

You must also consider your wedding ceremony band: an even very much more element of which it is great to think about earlier to receiving your engagement ring is wedding ceremony band. There severely certainly are a broad variety of people who positioned inside the rings collectively but there severely certainly are a few who positioned on them separately. And consequently most within inside the quantity of favor receiving wedding ceremony strap which suits their engagement ring. You can find out many styles in these sets. And these times receiving settings with matching bands is well-liked thinking about which they are affordable. And typically bear in views that you simply merely can find out broad variety of selections in these sets by browsing the on choice jewellery stores.

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Tiffany and Co floor lamps tend to dominate a room, and the one beside Paul Baur’s fireplace is no exception. Its glass shade is a dense, intricate patchwork of green tendrils, cobalt lozenges and garnet stripes, perched atop a thick, vinelike copper stand. When Mr. Baur, 91, flips five switches to light the cluster of bulbs inside, the lamp glows like a scoop of embers.
A Tiffany and Co mark appears on the lamp’s base, but not on the shade, and with good reason. Alice Wilson, Mr. Baur’s mother and the maker of the lamp, was a so-called Tiffany and Co Girl, one of the many young female artisans who, as glass cutters and selectors, made important but anonymous contributions to Louis Comfort Tiffany’s best-known lamps, mosaics and other objects. The Tiffany and Co Girls are the subject of an exhibition showing until July 22 at the New-York Historical Society.


Ms. Wilson, who worked at Tiffany and Co at least from 1904 to 1909, made the lamp in her off-hours. “Mother told us she had picked up the rejected pieces that fell on the floor, and used those to make her lamp,” said Mr. Baur, who lives in Westchester County. “She was able to get the pieces of glass leaded together — I’m not sure how. She evidently bribed the guy, or flirted enough to get it done.”


He learned of the historical society’s exhibition from a friend and soon was rummaging through the catalog, where he found photographs of three young friends of his mother’s, friends he had heard about but never seen. “I was very excited,” he said.


The exhibition has had similar effects around New York, as descendants of the Tiffany and Co Girls learn more about their relatives’ little-known careers. For example, Victoria Dawson, a retired librarian, had always known that her doting great-aunt Emma Stanley once worked at Tiffany and Co. There were vases and other Tiffany and Co items in Ms. Stanley’s house in Ozone Park, Queens.


But Ms. Dawson, who lives in Stuyvesant Town, never knew what Ms. Stanley’s job was. “I thought she was maybe a receptionist or a secretary,” she said. After learning that her aunt was a Tiffany and Co Girl, she remembered that Ms. Stanley had left an autograph book, which had sat in a drawer for 40 years in the home of Ms. Dawson’s mother.


“We rushed home and looked in the book, and a dozen of the Tiffany and Co Girls had signed it,” said Ms. Dawson, who was profiled this month in The Westsider, a West Side neighborhood newspaper. “We had always suspected that it might be from her co-workers, because of the beautiful miniature paintings that accompanied the autographs: scenes, flowers, and landscapes.”